Paon is a new boutique restaurant located in the heart of Bay Harbor Islands, two blocks away from the Bal Harbor Shops, Miami. It is a Freestyle and International Cuisine Restaurant and the result of many years of experience in different countries with different cultures. 

Opened by husband and wife Chef Federico A. Cassino and Designer Sofia Rodriguez Kandeler, Paon is a casual Restaurant that provides you a special moment and experience.

We understand the value and respect for the quality products, that is why we only work with suppliers that provide us the freshest ingredients and we work with seasonal products. This way we can highlight the unique and natural flavors in every product we use. 

Federico was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied marketing while growing a big enthusiasm for cooking that began with his grandmother, who cooked Italian and Spanish dishes. And his mother, who cooked refined French cuisine for the family.

In 2008 he decided to make a life change and follow his true passion, cooking. Two years later, he was welcomed at Hisop, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. Where he specialized in Modern Mediterranean cuisine.

“I learned real cooking values, I also got in touch with premium raw products. After that experience, I traveled a lot and tasted everything I could. That mindset is the same we have with my wife now days, travel and taste. “

After that experience, Federico worked in different Restaurants in Buenos Aires. Then decided with his wife Sofia it was time to open their first restaurant in Buenos Aires. In a century old house, located in Belgrano Neighborhood next to Palermo. 

Paon was born 3 years later in 2017. 

“We saw Miami in a constant culinary and hospitality growth, and we wanted to be a part of it, it was the best time to start something here. Also we were trying to get out of our confort zone and have different experiences.” 

This eatery goes from traditional Latin American dishes to Mediterranean highlights. Paon has a Beer & Wine Bar and a variety of Tapas.

“We love to share different dishes when we go out to dinner, so for us including Tapas was much more than the options itself, it was an opportunity to create a moment where people enjoy to share what they like.”

Open from Monday to Saturday for Dinner.

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